Greetings Steve;
Thank you for speaking truth and sharing revelations from our Lord. I have had 3 dreams. Two were within the last month and involved a residual physical component as well. The two were given over two consecutive nights and I believe I was shown torture I will experience, which may cause my physical death.
First, I was shown a farmer’s field in which nothing grew. The soil was void of any vegetation, but not desiccated. No animals were seen and a voice was stating that all livestock had been found dead because of the current rising out of the ground. I could visualize this current. (I am aware that in reality electrical current is invisible.)
The next night,the same field was shown. There was a wolf sitting at the corner of the field. It was not threatening, but was watching as a guard.
I saw myself in a shallow grave, covered lightly with soil, and my face was exposed. I started to feel a sensation in my left arm, which became pain. It spread to my right arm. The pain intensified and was deep in my tissue. In the dream, I called out to the Lord for help,then repeated,Lord have Mercy.
I awoke still feeling this deep pain and praying, Lord have mercy. The pain began to dissapate and left completely after a few minutes.
In the dream I did not feel fear, but was frightened after waking as the pain continued.
I do pray and claim the protection of Jesus’ blood daily.
Has anyone written you regarding dreams which indicate either torture or death. My impression upon awakening was that I had been hunted for being Christian.
God bless you and your family Steve. Please pray Psalm 91 daily for protection. I am convinced viruses are being released soon, and this Psalm is our protection against them.
Amen, Elizabeth


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