Is This The ‘Atom Bomb’ That Will Take Down The 1st Amendment And America? With The FBI Dropping This New Bombshell, Let’s Talk ‘Conspiracy Theory’

As anybody who has been reading ANP over the past 5+ years knows, we have never shied away from tackling controversial stories that some might even call ‘conspiracy theory‘ though those two words are a double-edged sword in 2019. With the mainstream media the biggest guilty party of spinning such ‘fairy tales‘ with their two+ year long ‘Russian collusion conspiracy theory taking center stage, clearly aided and pushed along by treasonous members of the ‘deep state‘ who put Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party ahead of America and the will of the American people who elected Donald Trump president in 2016, it’s easy to see how the mainstream media’s pushing of the ‘Russian collusion conspiracy theory‘ for more than 2 years has led to a countless number of Democrats and activists quite literally falling off the deep end in 2019.

With politicians like Hillary happy to label any dirt on her as a ‘vast right wing conspiracy‘ while any dictator around the world would be happy to label damning, true news about them as ‘conspiracy theories‘ as well, we thought we’d dig very deeply into this new story over at Yahoo News which Steve Quayle had linked to on his website Thursday night which reports FBI documents warn that ‘conspiracy theories‘ are a new domestic terrorism threat, this at a time when awakened Americans ‘search for truth‘ has never been greater. This also at a time when leftist violence against innocent Conservatives and President Trump supporters has never been higher according to this new story by Susan Duclos on ANP.  READ MORE