With Absolute Proof The FBI Has Groomed The Mentally Ill To Become Right-Wing Terrorists, Are Mind-Controlled Assassins Being Unleashed Upon America?

Over the past two years following several different mass shooting events, we have published numerous stories on ANP that have reported upon both ‘MKUltra, the top-secret CIA mind control program which was confirmed by documents released back in 2018 and that it could be used upon large crowds and may still be ongoing now, as well as the warnings given by a former US Navy Intelligence officer who warned in a 1991 book of a plan to do away the 2nd Amendment in America by inflaming the masses with a series of mass shooting events that would push the middle class into doing away with the rights of Americans to own guns.

As we had reported on ANP back on December 9th, according to former US Navy Intelligence officer Milton William Cooper in his book “Behold! A Pale Horse“, America’s ‘secret government‘ would be using ‘mind controlled shooters‘ across America to carry out their dirty work.

With Cooper’s warning coming back in 1991, long before ‘the deep state‘ or ‘secret government‘ had even been confirmed to exist, Cooper warned in his book of a sinister plot that had been going on for decades to undermine American sovereignty and the US Constitution, to bring in a totalitarian, dictatorial ‘new world order‘ to America, adding even more credibility to his argument that the ‘deep state‘ would be using mind-controlled ‘patsies‘ to carry out horrific crimes upon America. (READ MORE)