With The Most Important Industry In The Country Now In Big Trouble, Truckers Warnings Of ‘A Bloodbath Ahead’ Are An Ominous Alarm To America

In the searches we make of news online when determining what story we might write about next on ANP, if suddenly we run across several different stories on practically the same subject matter from several different sources, we often look at such a ‘revealing‘ as a call to us to write a story on that particular subject and sure enough, while researching on Saturday and Sunday, I suddenly was hit by a slew of stories and notices about one of the most important industries in America, the trucking industry.

As Business Insider reported within this June 18th story titled “Truckers are warning of a ‘bloodbath’ as trucking companies go bankrupt or slash their profit expectations“, a perfect storm of problems is now hitting the trucking industry that is leading to major problems within the industry, these also coming at a time when a seemingly perfect storm is hitting the US food supply, with a massive number of suspicious food recalls happening at a time of absolutely ferocious flooding hitting America’s breadbasket, completely preventing many farmers from even planting their crops this year.