WRONG or RIGHT?!  Tucker Says ‘THEY’ Are Biggest THREAT TO OUR FREEDOM!! Government Over Capitalism!?

Prepare to enter into one of the difficult and confusing topics you’ll face today.  Tucker Carlson threw himself right in the middle of the debate.  When should Government take the lead over Capitalism.  As a free market economy, does our Government have the right to interfere in a private business?  Be careful before you answer because the decisions we make today can spin back on us in the future.  Section 230 isn’t the simple answer either.  The larger question is, are we contributing to the rapid expansion of control that the tech titans have?  While we are asking for Congressional help are we simultaneously feeding the beast?  The short answer is yes!  So how do we ask for help on one hand and violate on our privacy on the other?  This and so much more about to be discussed!!